Below is a list of the projects I have worked on or completed.

Each project may have a link inside to see more information about it.

RepCord is a bot to add functionality to the popular online chat platform, "Discord". We have recorded over 60,000 user submissions and continue to grow at a steady pace. Technology stacks include Kotlin, KTOR for the website backend, SpringBoot for the API and MySQL for data storage.

Kronos was a medieval MMORPG that was based on the online game "Runescape". There was over 10,000 accounts registered and over 200 online concurrent players at peak hours. It was run on a dedicated server using technology stacks such as Java for the server and client, Springboot for our API, MySQL for data storage and Docker to manage our various servers.

Py-Invaders is an open source PyGame project created as a learning experience. The project was based off of someone else's project but I vastly expanded on the idea adding lives, scores, start screens and even a backend global highscores API created in Java using SpringBoot.


This is the API to support the global high scores feature of the Py-Invaders game The data is stored in MySQL. Stacks include Java, SpringBoot and MySQL.